Cheap Guitars Blog is here !!!!!!!!!!!

I finally had the time to start this blog that as you will find out if you read the “About” page, it will start showing all of the “cheap” guitars that you find in the most rare places like garage sales, flea markets, etc., in an attempt to let you know my personal reviews of a lot of guitars, that I had the chaPicture201nce to own, buy, sell, and trade in the past.

Most of them will be from unknown brands, or manufactured outside the US, but I will try to make a really unbiased report or review of what I found, and what my ears perceived when testing them, playing them, what the finish looked like and the condition of it, or how they were set up, so you can have at least some reference when it is time to go and buy an instrument, and have some information before you actually test it and make the decision to buy or not.

Hopefully you have the chance to read this in advance to make an informed decision.